Get fired up with Rhodes Quality

There’s nothing quite like a lazy summer afternoon spent outdoors with some hot coals, cold drinks and colourful company. Grab your tongs and get outside with these delicious recipes and refreshing cocktails to spice up any occasion.

Broccoli and Bacon Salad with Curried Mango Dressing

Change the way you make salads forever with this crunchy summer side that’s generous on flavour and right at home next to a perfectly charred, smokey cut of braaivleis.

One Pot Creamy Bolognaise Pasta

Enjoy an easy bowl of creamy pasta perfection with this one pot time-saver! All you’ll need is a few basic ingredients and your favourite Rhodes Quality Tomato & Onion Mix to get this one done.

Peach Waffle Tacos

Sweet stewed peaches, vanilla ice-cream and fluffy waffles come together perfectly with this fabulous summer dessert. Treat your family to something special.

Sweet Chilli Peach Chicken

Our Rhodes Quality 100% Peach fruit juice is good for more than just a refreshing drink – it also works great in the sweet marinade for this flavour-packed chicken recipe!

Grape and Ginger Cocktail

Breakfast? Tea? Dessert? The choice is yours when you serve up these sweet peaches wrapped up in a crisp, buttery cinnamon pastry.

Apple Cranberry Gin and Tonic

Say hello to your new favourite gin & tonic recipe! Invite your girls over and mix up a few of these delicious cocktails for a taste of summer that’s easy, crisp and refreshing.