Celebrate the season

Whether you’re gathering all your friends and extended family around a festive table this year or keeping your occasions easy and laid-back – it’s time to get creative with your holiday dishes!
Connect with your favourite people with great food over some coals, around a beautifully decorated festive dinner table or on the couch at home with these fun and flavourful recipes guaranteed to get you excited about the holiday season.

Beetroot Hummus

This beautiful, bright and eye-catching beetroot hummus is sure to add interest and flavour to your snacks and festive sharing platters this summer.

Chakalaka Stuffing Balls

Make your family roast dinners special this festive season with this simple stuffing seeped in South Africa’s favourite flavour – chakalaka!

Char Grilled Potato Salad

Prepare this twist on a familiar potato salad on the braai and serve this side hot with a delicious corn dip to keep them coming back for more.

Cranberry & Apple Punch

Our Rhodes Quality 100% Peach fruit juice is good for more than just a refreshing drink – it also works great in the sweet marinade for this flavour-packed chicken recipe!

Lamb and Apricot Sosaties

Who said apricots were for dessert only? Your guests are in for a treat when you serve up these indulgently sweet and delightfully tender marinated sosaties at your next braai.

Meringue Pavlova Trifle

Treat your family and friends to crunchy meringues, soft vanilla custard and sweet Rhodes Quality Fruit with this effortless trifle perfect for feeding a smaller crowd.