Heritage Month

As South Africans food has always brought us together. This Heritage Day, we celebrate our diversity and rich culture. Here are some locally inspired recipes for you to try.

Amagwinya with Sweetcorn and Cheese

A Rhodes Quality take on the popular SA favourite. These ‘vetkoek’ are made with our Sweetcorn as a tasty savoury filling. Try them at your braai- you won’t be disappointed!

Spiral Baked Buns

These Cheesy Baked Spiral Buns are the perfect side dish for your heritage day braai. This simple recipe uses Rhodes Quality Braai Relish.

Malva Trifle

Two traditional favourites in one tasty dessert! Now that’s something to celebrate. This crowd pleaser is made using Rhodes Quality Apricot Jam & Peach Slices.

Cape Brandy Pudding

The Cape’s Favourite sweet treat! Our take on the Classic Brandy Pudding is made without alcohol. We can promise not a piece will be left over! Made using Rhodes Quality Apricot Jam.