Embrace Winter’s Flavours with Rhodes Quality Recipes

Indulge your taste buds and ignite your culinary creativity with our latest collection of delicious recipes from Rhodes Quality! Whether you’re looking for breakfast ideas, delectable appetisers, a filling lunch, or refreshing dessert, we have a recipe for you.

Have fun cooking with Rhodes Quality this winter!

Seasonal Delights

Orange Immune Supporting Smoothie

Looking for an energy boost and immune support this winter? Try our Orange Immune Supporting Smoothie! Packed with vitamin C and refreshing citrus flavours, this smoothie will help you kickstart your day.

Lemony Chickpea & Mixed Vegetable Orzo Soup

Craving a creamy and delicious soup that can be ready in minutes? Look no further than our Lemony Chickpea & Mixed Vegetable Orzo Soup.

Roasted Potato & Tomato Soup

Warm yourself up with our Roasted Potato & Tomato Soup. This delicious and fragrant winter soup can be prepared in minutes, thanks to the combination of roasted potatoes and flavourful tomatoes.

Comforting Classics

Pasta a la Norma

Indulge in the flavours of Italy with our Pasta a la Norma recipe. Roasted brinjals in a smooth tomato sauce create a rich and savoury topping for any pasta of your choice.

Corn and Mixed Vegetable Casserole

Warm up your winter braai with our Corn and Mixed Vegetable Casserole. This simple and comforting dish features a medley of corn and mixed vegetables, baked to perfection.

Sweet Winter Treats

Slow Cooker Peach & Waffle Pudding

Looking for a dessert that practically cooks itself? Try our Slow Cooker Peach & Waffle Pudding. This no-fail and delicious pudding is made in a slow cooker, allowing you to focus on other tasks while it bakes to perfection.